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Personalisation And Real-Time Offers Are Now Necessities

42% of marketers name personalised marketing as their top priority (according to Chartered Institute of Marketing) and companies that create personalised experiences are seeing revenue increase by 6-10% (according to Boston Consulting Group). A new research from Eagle Eye shows that personalisation is no longer optional, it’s a necessity for successful marketing.

Treating customers as anonymous entities whose data is gathered in a database can bring more harm than good. According to the Eagle Eye’s research, 75% of consumers are not happy to receive generic promotions. 81% say that relevance is the most influential aspect of an offer, and 54% say they want to receive offers based on their previous purchasing preferences.

The research also revealed an increasing demand for predictive offers– those that anticipate when customers would be most likely to need a product or service. Nearly three quarters (73%) of respondents say they would be happy to be offered promotions for products they had run out of, while 65% said the same for dining in restaurants.

The study also found a growing demand for real-time offers delivered to customers when they are shopping and dining. More than a half of respondents (58%) said that they would find it useful to be sent offers when they are near shops. 63% of restaurant consumers said that they would find it useful to receive offers when at the table.

The study involved 2,000 adult consumers from England, Scotland and Wales.

Michał Pasternak

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