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Twelve Trends That Will Shape Media and Marketing in 2019

Twelve Trends That Will Shape Media and Marketing in 2019

Advanced analytics used to better understand the ROI of marketing investments, voice technology explored in more creative ways, Marketing Automation supported by Artificial Intelligence – those are some of the trends that will influence marketing over the next 12 months, according to Kantar’s recently released predictions.

Kantar outlines twelve trends that are predicted to shape the media and marketing industry over the next year. What are they?

1. Analytics and Artificial Intelligence will finally bridge the ROI divide. Advanced use of data, analytics techniques, and Artificial Intelligence are expected to allow marketers to better understand the ROI of their investments.

2. Marketers will start to explore voice technologies in creative ways. Brands’ focus on voice and audio activity is going to increase, driven by the growth in connected audio devices and formats.

3. China will lead in social media, and marketers will turn to that market to see how social media can use new technologies to develop more trusted and richer experiences.

4. Brands will create new types of experiences for consumers. Media management is going to be transformed into the management of internet of everything.

5. Brands will start to take gender targeting more seriously.

6. Amazon will be a fast mover in the digital advertising, challenging Facebook and Google.

7. Video ads will start to develop their own personality, rather than being an edit of the TV ad.

8. The big screen is making a comeback, bigger and better than before.

9. New developments in marketing automation will be helped by AI, using attitudinal and behavioural data. This will influence the development of marketing automation, predictive analytics, and ad targeting.

10. Brands will seek to gain trust by using micro-influencers, and its evaluation will start to include brand performance.

11. Brands are going to embrace more sophisticated data sources for smarter targeting, combined with digital creativity.

12. Brands will start to explore and understand Augmented Reality’s role in brand building.

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