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Campaign Reports in iPresso – Measure the Results of Your Marketing Efforts

Campaign Reports in iPresso – Measure the Results of Your Marketing Efforts

What are the real effects of your specific marketing activities? Which communication channels are the most successful ones – emails, text messages, web push notifications? What gives you the best conversion rates and highest revenues? Now you can answer all those questions thanks to iPresso’s Campaign reports.

Campaign reports in iPresso provide marketers with precise data on the conversion of particular marketing activities (e.g. sending a specific email campaign) into a desired results (e.g. purchase of a given product).

How is it done in practice?

Campaign reports allow you to measure how a specific marketing activity translates into the desired effect. To pinpoint the achieved results, the system employs the so-called Conversion activities, which may be configured according to your company’s needs.

Simply put, conversion activity may be any activity of a user/lead which is carried out as a result of your marketing campaign – such as making a purchase or downloading an offer from your company’s landing page.

The conversion is calculated on the basis of precisely defined parameters of the campaign – e.g. in the case of an e-mail campaign, the system may take into account the delivery of a the message, as well as it being opened by a recipient or a link in the message being clicked. In the case of pop-up campaigns, the conversion will be measured in relation to the impressions and clicks generated by a given notification.

Here’s an example

Let’s see how it might look in practice on the example of a home appliances store.

Let’s assume that as part of a Black Friday sale, the store is carrying out a promotional campaign to advertise the opportunity to buy TV sets at discounted prices. For this purpose, three communication channels are employed – e-mails, web push and pop-up notification on the store’s website.

The campaign report allows you to collect detailed data on the activities carried out by the recipients of these messages. You can check if you succeeded in encouraging them to, for example, visit your website/download the offer/ purchase the product.

By defining conversion activity as the visit on the page dedicated to the promotion, marketers will learn how often people with pop-ups or web push notifications get acquainted with the offer, and how effective the e-mail campaign is.

The conversion activity can also be defined as the purchase of a product – this option will allow you to learn about the actual conversion rates of a specific marketing campaign into the expected result, which is the purchase of a TV set by a potential customer.

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