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Google algorithm update

Google introduces the Helpful Content update. What does it mean for your SEO?

On 18 August 2022, Google announced on their blog a new update in their indexing policy. It’s called Helpful Content, and it significantly changes how Google bots look at websites, blog posts, and other texts that you publish. So, what’s new?

Not that long ago, many SEO specialists encouraged business owners to create content just for the sake of SEO – without paying much attention to the quality or uniqueness of the final product. Now, it’s all in the past. The Helpful Content update means Google is now focusing on the quality of your texts. All texts that you publish need to be of high quality and made with the reader in mind. That means no content automation and no writing just for the search engine. From now on, if you want to thrive in Google, you have to satisfy your users with what you publish.

Without a doubt, for many companies, this update means some major changes in their SEO/content strategies. Is your company ready for the Helpful Content update? Read the linked Google post to find out what you ought to do.

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