4 ways to boost conversion in your business

Conversions are the foundation of every business. Whether you run an e-commerce company, a SaaS platform, or any other business, both offline and online, you want customers to convert, i.e., do what you want them to (buy products, send RFPs, sign up for a loyalty program, etc.). Martech published an article listing four interesting ways to boost your conversions.

The first way of driving more business to your company is through testimonials. They make your potential customers more confident in your products and services. Secondly, you should opt for remarketing (sometimes referred to as re-engagement). This way, you can reach people who already know you.

The third method is all about personalized marketing and CX. Personalization is a very powerful strategy (when done properly). Take a look at our recommendation frames to find out more. And lastly, you should opt for exclusive offers for the most profitable customers.
Do you want to know more? Read the whole article. And don’t forget that marketing automation is also an excellent way of getting more customers!

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