Gartner: Marketers exploit just less than half of their martech stack’s potential

In early October 2022, Gartner published a study showing that marketers use just 42% of the capabilities available in their martech stack overall. Interestingly, this result is a significant decrease from 58% in 2020. 

The company asked these marketers for the reasons behind this situation. Here are the three most common answers:

  • A significant amount of overlap among marketing technology solutions (30% of answers)
  • Difficulties in identifying and recruiting martech talent (28%)
  • The complexity of the martech ecosystem (27%)

What can be done about this situation? Gartner provides four possible solutions:

  1. Martech adoption should be part of team performance objectives.
  2. Don’t just jump into expensive integrated solutions; look for cheaper, easier alternatives.
  3. Ensure martech and IT are working together to support and optimize customer journey orchestration.
  4. Don’t leave martech in the hands of external providers. Instead, pursue in-house capability development.

And what about you? Do you struggle with utilizing your company’s martech potential?

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