Lead scoring automation: How to assess prospects

Lead scoring is an important part of every lead generation strategy. After all, not every prospect is necessarily a good customer. You want to focus on those leads that are of high quality and are likely to sign up with your company or buy something from you. And this is what lead scoring automation is all about. Let’s see how this feature helps you grow sales.

Imagine that you have a specific marketing automation scenario that’s designed only for people from the UK who put something in the cart during the sale in your online store, e.g., during Black Friday. You want this scenario to trigger only with those specific individuals and no one else. With our lead scoring automation feature, you can do so easily.

How lead scoring works

Basically, lead scoring is a data-based feature. Our system analyzes all the leads that you get from multiple sources and assesses their quality based on the specific characteristics you set in iPresso. This assessment of customer characteristics and behaviors facilitates directing the right people to the right marketing automation scenario, just like in the example above.

However, there’s more to lead scoring than just triggering a specific marketing automation scenario whenever the right person opens your website or your online store. We use a point-based system allowing us to assign points to different prospects so that you can concentrate on the warmer leads (with more points), thus increasing chances of closing the deal.

Our system uses different data sources to assess that, including your previous customers (so-called lookalike audience). So, for example, if your audience is made mostly of people who live in the UK, open your website through a mobile device, and buy sporting equipment, our system will assign more points to every new visitor who matches these criteria because they are more likely to become your customer.

This knowledge can be used to create separate marketing automation scenarios for the most promising target audiences. You could think of designing personalized communication and offers for those target groups. In some cases, you can even consider creating separate landing pages and sales funnels.

Is it worth it? As long as it helps your company get more customers, of course!

What kind of characteristics can I set with the lead scoring feature?

In iPresso, you have access to two different sets of customer characteristics:

  • Demographic
  • Behavioral

So that you can target people who meet specific demographic criteria or behave on your website in a specific manner; both types of targeting can be effective, and if you want, you can even create mixed sets of criteria that include both demographic and behavioral requirements.


You can set your own rules and assign points to them so that, for example, everyone who signed up for your newsletter gets +10 points in the lead scoring system. In fact, our point-based system is very flexible; you can attribute lead scoring both “globally” (e.g., for each opening of any email that you send) and “locally” (you can have a different point scale designed strictly for a specific marketing automation scenario).


Here, you focus on demographic features such as age, gender, location, and language. This way you can narrow down your communication to specific demographic audiences, so that, for example, people in Germany don’t see the special offer intended only for the British market.


This type of scoring can be very effective because here, you target people who have already taken some action on your website. Perhaps the signed up for your newsletter, bought something in the past month, participated in your survey, or contacted your customer support to find out more about a given product. These people are already familiar with your brand so, by default, they are warm leads that should be nurtured.

Behavioral scoring can also refer to such things as device usage, interests, previous shopping/browsing history, and even interests (if you have a way to track them). In fact, behavioral scoring is a very flexible way of assessing the quality of different leads and it can be almost fully tailored to your company’s needs and profile.


Once you have your lead scoring in place, you can view all the scores assigned to different people in your contact manager.

So, you have everything at a glance and can decide to take specific actions toward the leads with the highest points in your database.

Wrapping up

Lead scoring can give a solid boost to your lead generation strategy and help you focus on the most important leads that are more likely to resonate with your messaging and offers. When you use marketing automation, you can automate almost 100% of the lead-scoring process, at least in iPresso. We invite you to sign up for a free trial with our tool and see how it can help you grow your sales and get more high-quality leads. 

You can start here by applying for a free 30-day trial access to our platform.

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