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Contact Dashboard in iPresso – stay in touch with the trends in your database!

Contact Dashboard is a new feature of iPresso that will allow marketers to keep their fingers on the pulse of customers’ behavior and activities.

The dashboard is easily accessible and represents the most important information about current trends in the database.

Three upper charts contain data about number of contacts in the database (and how it has changed during the last 15 days), as well as number of their activities and actions performed in the system during the last 15 days.1


Then there are two graphs that display the number of all contacts and monitored contacts in the database, and how they are divided into various types of contacts (e.g. person, company) predefined by marketers.


There are also charts that show information about the most active contacts, the most common activities performed by contacts and actions taken by the system within a specified period of time.


Marketeres can also set up their own charts to display data in relation to specific segments of contacts to see the trends in their activities.

These charts included in the contact management section of iPresso will allow marketeres to immediately learn about the ongoing developments in their databases and react appropriately.

Michał Pasternak

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