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Split your contacts into random test groups to get the best version of marketing scenario!

iPresso now allows you to split your contacts into a number of groups, so that you are be able to perform A/B/X testing of your marketing scenarios.

The new option will provide marketeres with opportunity to select the most efficient versions of their marketing automation scenarios.

It will allow them to:

  • compare conversion rates of many modified versions of a marketing scenario,
  • test the results obtained by each of the different customer paths,
  • compare the sale results obtained in different scenarios, which e.g. use different Delay Blocks.


The example below shows how the effectiveness of various channels used in the same scenario may be compared.

split contacts scenario

The first message is sent to all the contacts in the scenario via email. Then, those who open the email are split into three random groups (you can use any number of groups you need and specify the proportions of contacts in each of them).

The next messages will be sent via three different communication channels – email, SMS and web push notification respectively.

After the test is performed, marketers will see the conversion rates of each of the versions. On this basis, they can select the best version and use it for communication with their customers.

Michał Pasternak

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