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Machine Learning In iPresso’s Media Monitoring Feature

Machine Learning In iPresso’s Media Monitoring Feature

Web tracking and media monitoring are crucial elements of successful brand management. These are the features that allow you to immediately learn what is being said about your brand on news sites, social media, blogs and forums.

Potential and current customers, media, experts and social media users – all of them can publish their opinions about your brand almost anywhere in the Web. How can you keep track of that constant stream of information, and react quickly to what is published?

It’s possible with media montoring solutions, which let you look closely at the entire Web and find out what is said anywhere online.

Media monitoring features available, for example, in iPresso Marketing Automation, gather everything that’s published about your brand or company, or about any other subject that you specify (e.g. your competitors) by setting up appropriate key phrases. You can customize your monitoring reports by using advanced filters to reject irrevelent results and focus on the most important alerts. iPresso’s monitoring features also allow you to conduct more refined tracking by searching relevant contents on specific preselected websites (which may, for example, be not very popular in general, but for some reason crucial for your brand or industry).

Moreover, the Machine Learning-based solutions available in iPresso enable you to conduct sentiment analysis of the alerts collected by the system. This means that iPresso can automatically detect whether an article, post, or comment found online has positive, neutral, or negative tone. Thanks to this solution, you may focus your attention, for example, on those alerts that suggest some negative opinions were published.

Advancde media monitoring allows marketeres to understand their audience’s views and opinions, and track their reputation anywhere in the Web. This provides marketers with the opportunity to quickly react and respond in real time to ongoing discussions.

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