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98% Of Gen Z Consumers Abandon Baskets If There’s No Suitable Delivery Option

Shipping options are considered to be one of the crucial aspects of online shopping by the Gen Z shoppers (consumers aged 16-24). According to the Great Expectations: Shipping, CX & Gen Z report from Neopost Shipping, 71% of them would be willing to increase their basket size for free hyperlocal delivery (1-3 hours).

Suitable delivery options are an important factor for the Gen Z consumers. 98% of them declare that they abandon their carts if they are presented with just one shipping option at checkout which is unsuitable as it doesn’t guarantee the timely delivery of their order. Additionally, in such a case 65% of Gen Z consumers leave the store to try to buy the product elsewhere, while only one in three say they go to the same physical store in order to make the purchase.

The report also says that the Gen Z is more likely to purchase more in order to get fast and free delivery. 60% of them would rather buy in brick and mortar stores to save on shipping fees, and seven in ten would increase their basket size to meet the “free shipping” spend threshold.

Compared to the average consumer, Gen Z respondents are very interested in various new delivery options. 44% said they would shop more online if the next-day delivery was available. 36% said the same about weekend delivery, 34% about hyperlocal delivery, and 30% about after hours delivery.

The survey was conducted on respondents from four countries: United States, United Kingdom, France and Australia. It equally weighted participants between Gen Z (16-24 years old) and average consumers (16-55+ years old).

Michał Pasternak

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