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Hypewear introduces NFTs to mainstream fashion


Hypewear is a digital platform made by German fashion company, About you. They want to promote NFTs in the fashion industry. Through Hypewear, users will be able to purchase fashion NFTs, and they will one free NFT upon registration. The goal is to help shape the metaverse world – About you claims.

Simply put NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are just a kind of digital content that’s connected to the blockchain network. Such a token can represent almost anything, including – in the Hypewear’s case – clothes and accessories. This way, users will be able to “wear” digital fashion. To do that, they need to upload a photo on the NFT platform. Once that’s done, the item is tailored to the user’s body in a digital fitting.

Hypewear will also work with fashion and graphic designers to release new designs in limited drops available on this platform. This begs just one question – will metaverse soon be a one big fashion show? We’ll see soon enough!

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