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A new ebook on the cookieless world and its impact on martech

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In January 2020, Chrome announced that they are going to make third-party cookies obsolete. The marketing world has been trying to cope with that news ever since. And that is what the authors of the new ebook “A Cookieless World: The Shifting MarTech Landscape” are interested in. It’s a study conducted among Fortune 500 marketing leaders. What are its main findings?

For many years, cookies have been a primary way of tracking the activity of internet users and saving their preferences, e.g., the chosen language. Now, the marketing world is involved in looking for alternatives. And that’s how we get to the first insight from that ebook – marketers are making, on average, five changes in their technology stack to address cookieless gaps in identity. Over 75% of them turn to AI.

Secondly, it turns out that companies do whatever they can to benefit from first-party data collection (this type of cookies is still in place), especially on social media. Now, there’s only one question – what’s your idea for dealing with the lack of third-party cookies?

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