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First party data

It’s time for first-party data

In 2021, Google announced it would end third-party data access from its web browser. Since Chrome is the most popular web browser ever, this change is significant for the entire sector. Additionally, Apple has decided to go a similar path, and they introduced a series of privacy-related changes over the last few years. Indeed, marketers...


Google postpones the death of third-party cookies

Have you heard that third-party cookies will be deleted from Chrome shortly? The “shortly” part is complicated, to say the least. Google has recently announced they will start phasing third-party cookies out in late 2024. The official reason is the feedback that Google received from Google Privacy Sandbox participants. They said they needed more time...

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A new ebook on the cookieless world and its impact on martech

In January 2020, Chrome announced that they are going to make third-party cookies obsolete. The marketing world has been trying to cope with that news ever since. And that is what the authors of the new ebook “A Cookieless World: The Shifting MarTech Landscape” are interested in. It’s a study conducted among Fortune 500 marketing...