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Google postpones the death of third-party cookies


Have you heard that third-party cookies will be deleted from Chrome shortly? The “shortly” part is complicated, to say the least. Google has recently announced they will start phasing third-party cookies out in late 2024.

The official reason is the feedback that Google received from Google Privacy Sandbox participants. They said they needed more time to evaluate proposed alternatives to cookie tracking. Surely, this gives more time to all the interested parties. On the other hand, cookieless strategies are already in action. As Sergii Denysenko, CEO of programmatic platform MGID, put it, “we know that 30% of ad budgets are already allocated to cookieless ads and that the industry is testing privacy-first alternatives, such as first-party data solutions and contextual targeting”.

Additionally, federal privacy legislation is still in progress, and this legal act can speed things up. All in all, even though cookies are here to stay, at least for now, don’t quit your cookieless strategies.

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