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It’s time for first-party data

First party data

In 2021, Google announced it would end third-party data access from its web browser. Since Chrome is the most popular web browser ever, this change is significant for the entire sector. Additionally, Apple has decided to go a similar path, and they introduced a series of privacy-related changes over the last few years. Indeed, marketers need to focus on first-party data.

Interestingly, Apple was one of the first web browser developers to limit access to third-party cookies, and in September 2021, they launched Mail Privacy Protection in their Mail app. All these privacy-related changes result in the need for other ways of gathering customer data. 

Specifically, marketers have to concentrate on zero-party (we speak of it when it’s the customer who takes the first step and intentionally shares their data with the company) and first-party data (it’s used when customers start interacting with a company through a specific communication channel). And the best media for both zero and first-party data is email and SMS. We can expect that their importance will only grow.

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