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What is metaverse, and what does it mean for the MarTech sector?

Metaverse is one of the major marketing/IT buzzwords. Still, a lot of people don’t get it, though. If that applies to you, be sure to take a look at the takeaways from a lively roundtable discussion between three CEOs involved in the metaverse.

The number of companies involved in the metaverse market is already counted in the hundreds. The metaverse is a real thing, especially given that the younger audience is already acquainted with spending time in virtual realities. Soon, it will be a massive virtual space where we will be able to learn, discover new things, entertain ourselves (there have already been metaverse concerts!), buy products and services, and meet people.

Because of the potential that technology offers, more and more large players are interested in investing in it. Giants like Amazon, Samsung, Google, Facebook, Adobe, and Sony are already active in this niche. If you want to know more about metaverse, take a look at that article.

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