7 reasons why you need Marketing Automation

Personalized communication that helps you in lead nurturing, huge time savings, and full marketing scalability – these are just three reasons why you should invest in marketing automation. And we have four more!

Marketing automation is a tool that can be almost fully tailored to a given company and its profile. It works the way you want and helps you achieve your sales and marketing goals. And it’s not even the number-one reason on our list! While marketing automation differs between companies, in every scenario, the benefits outweigh the costs. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at why you need MA.

Reason 1: Take care of your leads

Probably the biggest advantage of marketing automation is that it can assist you throughout the entire sales funnel. MA can “follow” your leads as they move down the funnel – from the first contact on your website to booking a call or trial access and sending all the technical emails (e.g., order confirmation). 

Moreover, marketing automation can support your customers in many different channels, including your website, email, and mobile communication. This way, you can be confident not one lead will be gone or neglected.

Reason 2: Time savings

In marketing, a lot of work can be automated (at least partly), so there is a huge potential for time savings in your company. Suppose you’re still sending emails or text messages manually or analyzing marketing data on your own. In that case, you will be able to save a lot of time and make your marketing campaigns less time-consuming and more accurate, too!

As a result, you or your marketing team can focus on more strategic aspects of your work – all the mundane, repetitive tasks are automated.

Reason 3: Scalability

As your company grows, managing an increasing number of leads and customers as well as new communication channels (for example, have you thought about adding WhatsApp to your marketing strategy?) becomes challenging.

The good news is that marketing automation systems are fully scalable. They work equally well whether you have 10 leads/customers per month or 10,000. In fact, the more customers or users you have, the more helpful and effective your marketing platform becomes. You can also always add new features into the mix as your needs change over time – we have over 20 of them!

Reason 4: Automated analytics

Do you know what works and what doesn’t in your company? Or maybe you analyze marketing data manually and try to draw your own conclusions? If so, don’t worry – every good marketing automation platform comes with analytics modules that analyze everything you do through your platform and provide you with actionable insights.

Again, this way, you can spend less time reading charts and analyzing customer feedback – all that is given to you in a simple and effective way.

Reason 5: Personalization

At some point, you cannot do personalization on your own, even if you want to do so. You simply need an intelligent personalization tool that can analyze your customers’ previous activity in your company and tailor communication to their needs. Real personalization goes far beyond “Hello, Mark!” and requires well-organized customer data (that’s what our CDP tool is for).

With marketing automation, you can personalize communication on your website, in your emails, and in your text messages. All you need to do is create and maintain a clean customer database where all the information is stored and updated.

Reason 6: Multichannel communication

How many communication channels do you use in your company? It is likely all (or at least the vast majority) of them can be automated. This way, you can benefit from multichannel communication and communicate with your target audience the way they want and expect from you.

With iPresso, you can automate the following communication channels:

  • On-site communication (pop-ups, web content automation)
  • Email marketing (promotional emails, newsletters)
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS/text messages
  • Push notifications

We’re continually developing our platform, so you can be sure this list will only grow!

Reason 7: New marketing tools

Marketing automation gives you access to a whole list of new marketing tools and features. For instance, have you ever thought about adjusting your marketing communication to the current weather? That’s what our iPresso Satellite can do – you can reach customers in a certain area and create weather-dependent offerings (“Temperature drop is coming! Do you have winter tires for your car?”).

Customer loyalty programs are the other example. Loyalizing your customers can make your business more stable and profitable. With our MA platform, you can start using various loyalty tools almost instantly and without the need to build complex loyalty programs or mobile applications. 

And the list goes on! With a decent marketing automation platform, you can gradually introduce new marketing features that will win your audience’s interest.

Wrapping up

Seven reasons, one decision – will you start using marketing automation or not? Marketing automation is worth considering if you work with at least 50 clients (B2B) or at least 500 customers (B2C). You don’t need to make a hasty decision. At iPresso, we offer a free trial period that will give you the opportunity to see how MA can work in your business. All you need to do is send this short form.

And if, after the trial, you decide you don’t need an MA, there’s no long-term commitment! So, what do you say? 🙂

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