Combine online and offline experiences in marketing automation for FMCG

FMCG is one of those sectors where companies do their marketing mostly offline (due to the nature of the product). Of course, there are still online activities – FMCG companies have websites, use online ads, and sometimes even send out newsletters, but most of the time, people buy these products offline in the nearby grocery store, so FMCG communication must comprise the offline aspect. And that’s what we want to talk about.

Our offer for FMCG comprises all the solutions and tools these companies need to conduct effective communication. Several of our tools comprise both offline and online communication/marketing aspects so that you can easily reach your customers in different places and channels.

Let’s have a closer look at that.

Marketing automation offers omnichannel communication

iPresso can help you with several communication channels, including the offline ones:

  • Newsletters (online)
  • Push notifications (online)
  • WhatsApp (online)
  • Text messages (offline)

However, what really matters is that thanks to other tools on our platform, you can make the most of all of them and communicate with customers on a much more effective level. Let’s see how two of our tools can help you with that:


Here’s an example: Suppose you’re about to start a large promotional campaign or something that’s relevant to your brand has just happened, and you want to respond quickly as a brand. This is where our RTM (real-time marketing) feature comes in handy. 

The way this feature works is that it identifies user attributes and behavior in just seconds. Based on instantly determined features, it selects the right message with personalized elements of content. It can also react to other things that you specify.


And here’s another feature that you might find extremely useful. Marketing automation (our iPresso Satellite feature, to be more specific) can help you integrate both online and offline experiences.

FMCG companies frequently use our marketing automation platform to reach customers who are in close proximity to their stores and start communication with them, for instance, to encourage them to come inside and maybe try or buy a new product in the offer. iPresso Satellite allows you to tailor your messaging based not just on the location of a given customer but also on current or upcoming weather conditions.

So, in effect, you can say something along the lines of: “Hey [first name], the storm is coming to your location! Come to our store, you won’t get wet, and you’ll have a chance to try the new flavor of our [product name]!” And send it via text message.

As you can see, iPresso Satellite combines RTM and offline communication to provide users with non-standard experiences. What’s more, iPresso can help you benefit from data originating with almost any publicly available data source, so for example, if you want to include the current inflation rate or the current demographic data in your messaging, you can do so!

Make the most of coupons and vouchers

Loyalty tools play a big role in our platform, and they are very helpful to FMCG companies. As we mentioned before, since those companies operate mostly offline, you can use our system to integrate couponing in your company both online and offline. How so?

iPresso can help you with not just integration with online stores but also with generating printouts for your production line, so you can, for example, design separate product lines with unique promo codes for each product that’s produced on this line.

Put it all together with marketing automation scenarios

We just mentioned some of the most interesting features that FMCG brands can make use of, but the truth is, iPresso offers so much more. Most of our features can be put together in flexible marketing automation scenarios. Those scenarios allow you to plan the whole communication flow along with conditions that have to be met in order for a specific action to happen.

This way, FMCG companies can use MA scenarios to:

  • Streamline distributing vouchers and product samples
  • Direct traffic to specific brick-and-mortar stores (e.g., in the given customer’s area or city)
  • Organize and invite people to special events (e.g., promotional events in shopping malls)
  • Create and run an effective customer loyalty program

And with all the communication channels mentioned above, you can use them to encourage customers to perform a specific action that you want them to, e.g., try a new product or follow your social media profile.

Summary: Marketing automation for FMCG

Marketing automation can be a real game-changer in your FMCG company. We invite you to test all the tools and features we mentioned in this post. Putting them together can result in dozens of different but engaging marketing activities and campaigns that will help you get more customers and subscribers.

If you’d like to see how iPresso can give your marketing a boost, we have something special for you! You can test or platform for 30 days with no commitment on your side (we don’t ask you for your credit card details for the trial access). After that period, you can decide whether you want to continue using iPresso or not. All you need to do is send this short contact form our way, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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