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Image depicting a person updating content on a computer screen. Learn techniques for refreshing old content and driving more traffic to your website. Enhance your site's performance with these strategies.

How to refresh old content and increase website traffic?

The advantage of having a blog (and a content strategy) is the ability to "recover" value from old entries. Every professional blogger will tell you this: regularly refreshing your content is the key to better positioning. Updating old articles has become as important as creating new ones. How to do it? How can Marketing Automation help with this?

Content recycling

Content recycling – give your texts a new life

Do you have blog posts or other texts that you feel are really good? Maybe they get many views, even months after publishing, or they rank high on Google or attract many new clients to your company. Whatever the reason you value a given text, it’s worth thinking about recycling or repurposing it. This way,...