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What emails are most successful in e-commerce?

In August 2022, there was a study conducted by Bluecore on the efficiency of different types of e-commerce emails. As it happens, welcome emails have the highest open rate (over 45%). What else can you take from this research? Every online store sends hundreds of emails every month. But which of them are the most...

loyalty program ecommerce

How to encourage customers to buy more products

When you’re running an online store, selling more products is your obvious goal. The more products you sell, the more money you make, and your business is more stable. What can you do to encourage customers to put more products in their carts? In this post, we have five proven methods for you to test....

gartner genius report

Gartner names Geniuses

Gartner is an American consulting company known, i.a., for its involvement in the digital marketing sector. One of their activities is called Digital IQ Index. Gartner analyzes companies worldwide and publishes a list of those that excel in digital marketing (so-called Geniuses). We’ve just discovered a list of 45 such companies. The current list of...