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Gartner names Geniuses

gartner genius report

Gartner is an American consulting company known, i.a., for its involvement in the digital marketing sector. One of their activities is called Digital IQ Index. Gartner analyzes companies worldwide and publishes a list of those that excel in digital marketing (so-called Geniuses). We’ve just discovered a list of 45 such companies.

The current list of Geniuses covers the 2021/2022 period. Gartner gathered over 1,300 brands from 15 industries and analyzed their online activity. Companies with outstanding digital marketing were named Geniuses (other classes were “Average”, “Challenged”, and “Feeble”). What’s important, the list of the companies that Gartner analyzed consists of organizations that are not necessarily their clients.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the current marketing leaders:

  • Motor industry: Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota
  • Beauty and personal care: L’Oréal Paris
  • Food & beverage: Ben & Jerry’s, Folgers, Red Bull
  • Multi-brand retail: Amazon, The Home Depot, Walmart
  • Retail banking: Capital One, Chase Bank, Discover Bank

See the whole list.

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