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Persona in Marketing Automation

Persona in Marketing Automation

Persona is a model that maps our client along with a set of important features which are important for us. Depending on our needs, we can assign such person interests, characteristic features, skills, needs or requirements. Thanks to the specific classification, we will be able to reach relevant target customers with content that possibly will fulfill their need and expectations. Thanks to the gathered information about potential consumers, it is more possible to avoid incorrect communication with them. Mismatched campaigns can discourage consumers, and the goal of marketing activities is, among others acquiring and maintaining existing contacts.

When assigning individual features to people, you should remember that they will later be used for categorization. Therefore, the values ​​used should be limited and repeatable. Think twice about your specific expectations during creating groups, because the more persons we create, the more problems we can have in remembering the characteristics of individual groups.

We can, for example, pay attention to used devices (smartphone, computer, tablet), brands or types of products used. It’s all based on already collected and analyzed marketing data.

An important element is also the appearance of the persona, adjusted on the basis of collected data. It can be a picture, but you should make sure that it shows people from real life and not unreal and stock suggestions. Graphic visualizations in the form of avatars are also becoming more and more popular. This second method of presentation was used in iPresso.

In addition to the photo, persona will also contain basic information, such as name, education, profession, marital status, having children / animals, lifestyle and all other additional information that we would like to know about it and we are able to gather.

Creating persona is easier if we use the available templates. iPresso users will have this option. In addition to collecting and analyzing data, it will be possible to organize and visualize it in the form of persona. Marketing activities will not only be automated, but also tailored to the needs of customers, which will improve our scenarios.

In addition, persona will be useful later in the process of preparing marketing campaigns. When creating new projects, we can adapt them based on specific “people” who will have appropriate characteristics. It can help us assess the rightness of our choices and adjust the offer that will be closer to our target group – both in terms of content, medium and channel of communication. Created persona will help us create relevant blog posts, effective ads and even the company’s presence in social media.

The more real persona will be in terms of human elements, the more it will facilitate and maintain direction of our work.

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