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Video is important when shopping online

Video marketing

As a recent study published by Brightcove reveals, 85% of consumers worldwide rely heavily on video when they purchase goods and services online. Does it mean that the time for video content in e-commerce has come?

The company asked consumers around the world about how important video is as a part of their purchase journeys. According to the answers, quite important! Here are some of the essential findings:

  • 48% of respondents say video increases their confidence in shopping online
  • 71% say video with interactive features is essential when making an online purchase
  • Over 50% of live-stream event attendees say they purchased as a result of a live virtual shopping experience
  • 36% say that video is most helpful in discovering new products online

Interestingly, according to Brightcove, video can be used as a vital part of the post-purchase experience as well. So online retailers – get your video cameras ready! Most likely, video content will soon be an inseparable part of online shopping.

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