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How to succeed with your martech stack

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The martech stack can be a vital help in your everyday work. However, to make it effective, you must stick to five crucial elements. As it happens, adding new tools or optimizing your martech stack is not necessarily easy. What should you do then?

First, every element of your martech stack must be aligned with your marketing and business goals. Make sure the software you’re about to use will truly be useful. Secondly, ensure you know how to use this new tool and measure its effectiveness. Train your team and review results regularly. Thirdly, know your way around your martech stack; this way, you will be able to discern when the seller is talking nonsense or tries to sell you something you don’t need.

Fourthly, don’t expand your stack before thoroughly analyzing the current one. Get rid of the tools you don’t need or use; otherwise, you’ll end up having dozens of tools that take up space but don’t do any good. And lastly, picture where you want to land. Set a goal and pursue it in everything you do.

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