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What do you know about customer loyalty?

customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is the ultimate goal for every entrepreneur and marketer. At the same time, it’s something vague and fickle. After all, customers are primarily looking for the best deals, don’t they? Recently, MarketingTechNews.com published an intriguing list of customer loyalty statistics (mostly from the British market). We’ve gathered the most interesting ones. Here we go!

  • 76% of UK consumers who define themselves as loyal to certain brands say they’d still buy from competitors if it was cheaper or more convenient to do so.
  • 70% of UK consumers who frequently buy from the same company say they don’t consider themselves loyal to it.
  • There was a 110% YoY increase in consumers mentioning “the ability to understand me as an individual” as a factor of brand loyalty.
  • 35% of British customers say they’re not loyal to any given brand because the brand did nothing to encourage their loyalty.
  • 40% of consumers would remain loyal to brands that provided extra value other than product or price.

The best thing you can do now is use this knowledge to improve your customer loyalty strategy.

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