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YouTube launches YouTube Shopping with Shopify

YouTube and Shopify

Two online giants – YouTube and an e-commerce platform Shopify launch a new project together. Will YouTube Shopping take live shopping to a whole new level?

Live shopping is when users shop during a live video stream. Although this solution is not yet very popular in Europe, it has many fans in Asia. This form of online selling is primarily intended for influencers and online creators. Thanks to this new service, users can purchase products from Shopify sellers while watching a video or a live stream on YouTube. Moreover, sellers can tag their products and show a list of products under published videos.

What’s especially important, the whole purchasing process will happen on YouTube; customers don’t need to go anywhere to proceed with the payment. There is one condition – in order to use this new service, a seller needs at least 1,000 subscribers. 

YouTube Shopping is a direct answer to TikTok’s live shopping tool that was launched in late 2021 in Europe.

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