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Marketing 101 with iPresso

Marketing 101 with iPresso

Has your marketing adventure just begun? Or maybe you’ve started a new business recently, and you want it to flourish online and attract more and more customers? Whatever the case, you should master the basics of marketing. And we’re here to help!

Unlike many people think, online marketing is an extremely vast discipline, comprising technical, analytical, strategic, and creative matters. Getting to know all the branches of marketing and how they affect your business can take some time. But we strongly encourage you to go on this fascinating trip. Marketing is continually evolving, and thanks to data, it’s getting better and more precise.

To help our clients and readers understand how it all works, we regularly share our know-how on our blog and social media profiles. Here, you will find only proven and battle-tested advice and information that will aid your company.

Below, we present the list of topics that we tackle on the iPresso blog. Each point has a link to a full-scale article. Let’s get started!

Basic marketing metrics – how to calculate them and what they mean

CTR, NPS, CAC, ROAS, OR – that’s quite a lot. What do all these acronyms mean, and what do they inform you about? Read this article, where we showcase and explain ten of the most important marketing metrics.

10 basic marketing metrics you have to know

Lead nurturing – what’s it all about?

Perhaps you’ve already heard that term, but what does it actually mean? In this article, we explain what a lead is, what characterizes a lead, and what to do to take care of all the potential customers interested in your products/services. 

Lead nurturing – what it is and how you can use it in your business?

Marketing funnel – discover the customer journey

The marketing funnel shows the path that each potential customer has to follow in order to get to know your company and place an order. Why is the customer journey depicted as a funnel? And what happens at different stages of such a funnel? Discover the answers to these questions:

Marketing funnel – what do you need to know about it?

We encourage you to drop by regularly – the list of texts and topics that we’re going to tackle here will be longer and longer. We hope you will find a lot of practical advice and information that will help you promote your company online more effectively.

Maciej Mazurkiewicz

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