12 marketing automation tips

Have you already started using marketing automation in your company? Are you satisfied with the results? Perhaps you can improve something about your strategy. There are at least 12 things you can check.

Recently, Joe Martin, a VP of marketing at Scorpion, published a list of 12 tips on how to improve marketing automation in your company. Here are some of his suggestions:

  1. Develop a strategy that will help you measure the effectiveness of your actions.
  2. Start with baby steps – don’t do everything at once. It’s a good idea to start with email marketing.
  3. Concentrate on nurturing sales leads and personalizing customer experience (that’s where MA shines!).
  4. Stay in touch with customers, especially after they’ve placed an order.
  5. Make sure your MA strategy is not only effective but also in full alignment with your business goals and needs.

Of course, these are just five short suggestions; consider them a good starting point. If you want to know more about implementing and improving marketing automation, take a look at this article.

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