5 reasons to use promotions in your company

Do you use promotions and discounts in your online business? As it happens, you should! And there are at least five good reasons why they should be a part of your marketing-slash-sales strategy.

First off, promotions are beneficial because they drive sales. In the current difficult market conditions, people are reluctant to spend money unless they really need to. Promotions help you encourage hesitant customers to place an order. Secondly, it’s an excellent way to build a positive image of your company. Companies that offer discounts and promotions seem affordable and positive in the eyes of your customers, so many of them will likely visit your store more frequently. Thirdly, you can use promotions to build partnerships and interesting projects with other companies. This way, you benefit from the synergy effect. Red Bull and GoPro constitute a perfect example of such beneficial cooperation.
Of course, there are more reasons why you should be interested in promotions. Take a look at some of them at The Drum.

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