Marketing Automation for B2B companies

Some people think marketing automation is strictly for B2C companies, but that’s simply not true! Of course, B2C businesses have a bit wider choice concerning possible options, but it doesn’t mean that if you run a B2B business, you cannot benefit from this solution. And today, we’re going to prove our point!

In fact, B2B marketing automation comes in handy concerning the most important aspect of any business: Sales. Let’s start with this element, namely – lead generation. And that’s where we should start.

How marketing automation supports B2B lead generation

It is obvious that you want to drive as much high-quality traffic to your website as possible. With MA, you can convert anonymous users visiting your website into potential customers or at least qualifiable leads. First off, you can create an automated sign-up form that will help you collect email addresses from potential customers. Such a sign-up form can be embedded directly into your website or work as a pop-up ad. Moreover, it can be integrated with your sales department, so your salespeople are notified immediately about every filled-out form! This way, you don’t ask potential clients to wait and can amaze them with perfect UX.

Take a look at the example of such a sign-up form and the notification you get every time it’s sent:

But this sign-up form is just the beginning. For instance, you can set MA algorithms to recognize all the anonymous users visiting your website. When they “catch” such a user, they can display a pop-up ad (e.g., with the form) or ask for consent to display push notifications. Therefore, even if the user is not logged in, you can still encourage them to take the next step. 

Once you get a lead, it’s time to go to the next phase – lead nurturing. You can automate sending emails or messages according to a predefined scenario. You can use this setup to lead your users through the onboarding process or invite them to participate in your online course.

Increase sales through your website

B2B companies can also sell their products and services directly through the website. With well-designed and personalized product and content recommendations, you can encourage more people to ask about your offer. For instance, suppose you’ve written an exhaustive blog post on how your services help other companies. You can recommend this post to every new visitor. Companies that are interested in your services will surely want to find out more and perhaps even send an RFP (request for proposal). This is where our recommendation frames come in handy.

A better understanding of your target audience

There are many factors determining your success in online trade. One of them is a good understanding of your clients and their needs. You won’t be able to sell many products/services if you don’t know what the company on the other side of the table actually wants. Here, we want to focus your attention on four crucial elements:

  1. Contact database management: With this solution, you know so much more about your clients, e.g., what kind of company they represent, what kind of actions they usually take, and what are the relationships between them (e.g., distributor-seller). You are also free to assign your own attributes matching your company’s profile.
  1. Advanced segmentation: Once you’ve gathered all the relevant information about your customers, you can segment them to streamline communication and plan more effective marketing campaigns.
  2. Data collector: Think of this solution as an analytics feature for your website, collecting information about specific events taking place on it. For example, our data collector will let you know every time someone downloads your ebook or goes to the offer section.
  3. CDP: Customer data platform is one of our most advanced solutions enabling you to gather all the available data about your clients in one place, mostly for analytics purposes but also to enhance your marketing and sales efforts. We will discuss CDPs in detail in the next blog post.

Measure client experience

Obviously, as a B2B business owner, you want your clients to be fully satisfied with the service provided. But you cannot know if that’s the case unless you ask about it. iPresso will support you in getting feedback from your clients. Here, we want to show you two useful functions:

  • NPS surveys: Net Promoter Score helps you measure client satisfaction and loyalty
  • Quick customer surveys: Sometimes, you need to ask about something very specific, e.g., whether the product came in nice packaging or whether the chat with the consultant was helpful. That’s when you should opt for customer surveys. They are easy to use and don’t take much time, thus encouraging more people to share their experiences.


Of course, that’s not all you can do to automate marketing and sales in your B2B business. Take a look at the full list of our features, and see what your options are. With MA, you will save a lot of time, lose fewer potential clients, and know more about your current ones. All this knowledge will surely help you optimize your marketing strategy to get even more clients.

Would you like to give our platform a try? Excellent, all you have to do is ask for a free trial period. Our team will handle the rest.

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