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ABX Testing Of iPresso’s Actions On Sites!

ABX Testing Of iPresso’s Actions On Sites!

iPresso’s Actions On Sites feature, which includes e.g. pop ups, allows marketers to react in real-time to actions of recognized and anonymous users who visit company’s monitored websites. Now you can run ABX tests of such communications to choose the most successful variants!

Actions on sites feature allows you to display dynamic website content adjusted to users’ traits and behaviours. Hence, the proper message will reach a clearly defined target group of visitors in real-time. The newly introduced ABX testing will enable marketers to select the most successful version of their message.

This feature allows you to create up to 5 different versions of the same message and display it to 5 different test groups of users.

On the example below we can see two different pop ups which can be sent as a test to two groups. You can determine what percentage of recipients will receive each of those messages, e.g. 50% vs 50% or 30% vs 70% (this has to always add up to 100 percent).




After running the test you can view the report to compare the results. The report will include data on views, clicks, and closings of each of the variants.

report popup

On this basis you will be able to pick the winner and then use it in your further communications.

Thanks to A/B/X testing you will always pick the best variant of your message and see better overall results of your marketing efforts!

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