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Satellite – How To Effectively Use iPresso’s New Feature?

Satellite – How To Effectively Use iPresso’s New Feature?

Rainfalls and snowfalls, currency exchange rates, football match results, air quality data – how significant can these kinds of information be for marketing campaigns?

It is often said that information is power. Satellite, iPresso’s new trailblazing feature, will allow marketers not only to gather important data from external sources, but also to effectively employ it in their campaigns.

Here are some examples of how such external data can be leveraged in iPresso.

Weather information

Dynamic development of weather based marketing demonstrates that this type of information is valuable not only to companies that sell soda drinks or winter apparel. Research shows that weather conditions influence consumers’ moods and attitudes, as well as their willingness to make particular purchases. Such knowledge may be interesting for companies operating in almost all industries.

When specific weather conditions are met – for example, when the data shows that the temperature in Chicago dropped to 5°C – specific marketing actions may be automatically triggered with the use of Marketing Automation scenarios. In this way, particular groups of customers may be immediately informed about promotions on specific products (such as winter clothing and shoes, car tyres, skis, etc.). If they receive this communication at the appropriate moment, the chances increase that they will make the purchase.

Sport results

Successful performances from national teams or clubs can obviously have a great influence on their supporters’ behaviour. Most understandably, this applies to their increasing interest in teams’ kits, items and various other gadgets.

However, a team’s success on the field can have a much broader impact on consumers. If they qualify for an international competition abroad, travel agencies will have a chance to attract new clients who would be eager to go and see the matches of their team. Such opportunities may also be taken advantage of by airlines or bus services, as well as restaurants and hotels which may prepare special offers to attract traveling fans.

Air quality data

Air quality is a growing concern in many places around the world. Consumers become increasingly aware of the damage they may suffer if they don’t protect themselves from the harmful effects of smog.

Companies who provide air cleaners or protective masks can now track the data on air quality in various places all over the world. When the conditions deteriorate, it may be the right moment to offer relevant solutions to people there.

Of course, the examples provided above don’t exhaust the subject of data usage in marketing and sales. With iPresso Satellite your opportunities to leverage various kinds of information are almost limitless!

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