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Gen Z avoids ads

generation Z

Is generation Z (people born between 1997 and 2012) among your potential customers? If so, forget about traditional ads. They hate them and will do whatever they can to avoid them.

In the report published by Bulbshare, we can read that 99% of consumers in this generational cohort willingly skip ads whenever possible. Moreover, almost two-thirds (65%) of these consumers use ad blockers to avoid seeing online ads.

74% of gen Z customers say they are overwhelmed by the number of ads they see every day. They even say they feel “bombarded” with them. Every fourth customer says advertising is “extremely intrusive”. Influencer won’t be very helpful, too. Bulbshare’s research shows that 84% of gen Z consumers have lost faith in them, and they are far more interested in authentic product recommendations.

This all means that companies that want to target gen Z have to be creative and authentic about their marketing and put away traditional strategies that are less and less effective today.

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