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What emails are most successful in e-commerce?

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In August 2022, there was a study conducted by Bluecore on the efficiency of different types of e-commerce emails. As it happens, welcome emails have the highest open rate (over 45%). What else can you take from this research?

Every online store sends hundreds of emails every month. But which of them are the most successful? That’s what the authors of the Bluecore 2022 Retail Benchmark Report tried to find out. Their study showed that email campaigns triggered by price cut and back-in-stock notices resulted in first purchases from 25% of recipients. Abandoned cart notifications had a 23.9% success rate, and welcome emails succeeded in 23.3% of cases.

And here’s what you should know about CTR rates. The best click rates for first purchase and conversion have:

  • Welcome emails: 11.27%
  • Back-in-stock emails: 10.63%
  • Price decrease emails: 9.16%
  • Abandoned cart emails: 9%

Analyze the report (link in the introduction) and think, is it time to introduce some changes in your email marketing strategy?

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