Retailers struggle with their digital operations

According to a study conducted by Incisiv earlier this year, the majority of retailers expect the complexity of their digital operations to grow in 2023. Only 32% of retailers stated they will be effective in managing the variety of their digital assets.

Online operations and marketing strategies are growing dynamically, and not all marketers can keep up the pace. Some of the most challenging areas include:

  • Product returns (81% of respondents expect more of them)
  • Order fulfillment (only 35% say they will be more effective at managing orders)
  • Personalization (40% say they will have more needs concerning personalization strategies in 2023)
  • Content management (43% state their content management system won’t meet their needs next year)

The solution? Both e-commerce companies and marketers must turn to more advanced solutions, including marketing automation and platforms enabling seamless and flexible growth (e.g., MACH architecture).
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