How to automate inbound marketing

You have two ways of attracting customers – you can reach out to them (outbound marketing) or encourage them to come to your company (inbound marketing). In this post, we want to show you how to automate the latter strategy.

Inbound marketing can be a very effective and versatile tool. The majority of this strategy revolves around creating content that’s attractive and relevant to your target audience. Inbound marketing is, in essence, content marketing, as everything your company creates to attract customers can be labeled as content. This includes:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos and animations
  • Infographics
  • Ebooks

Even SEO is actually an example of inbound marketing, as with this strategy, it’s the customer/user who finds you and decides to visit your website. They didn’t see any ads and didn’t receive any cold emails from you, right?

Inbound marketing is a good way to get high-quality traffic. If people are intrigued by your content, it is likely they will be interested in becoming your customers (especially if your content is practical and of high quality – that means no AI). 

This strategy is versatile, too. In fact, almost every single company can use at least one form of inbound marketing. You can use these strategies to:

  • Showcase your expertise (case studies)
  • Provide DYI knowledge
  • Educate future customers
  • Present your company in an interesting, non-intrusive way

A well-crafted, exhaustive blog post can get you many customers, provided people get a chance to read it. That’s why inbound marketing definitely should be on your radar. And we have good news – you can automate the majority of it! How?

How you can automate inbound marketing

Be in no doubt, we’re not saying here that we can automatically write blog posts and design infographics for you – this still requires your attention and time. Of course, there are tools enabling you to write a brand-new blog post in a matter of a minute (literally!), but don’t be fooled by them. Such blog posts are simply generated based on the content that already exists online. In other words, it’s just rephrasing other similar blog posts. If you want to stand out, you need to fight your own battles and write blog posts that reflect your true experience and knowledge.

So, if you cannot automate writing content, what can you automate?

Customer data

Customer data is a prerequisite to all inbound marketing strategies. How so? If you want to create engaging content, you need to KNOW your customers. You must know who they are, what they are interested in, what problems they have. That’s the only way to create content that really resonates with your target audience.

To do so effectively, you need an online tool that enables you to gather and analyze all the customer data you have. And, as it happens, we have such a tool – Customer Data Platform. CDP allows you to put all the customer data in one place, no matter whether this data comes from your internal or external sources. If you possess any piece of customer data, you can put it in our CDP and then use it to create effective inbound marketing strategies.

Responding to abandoned processes

Inbound marketing can be effective only if people actually reach out to your company – place orders in your store, send contact forms, or call you. If you have any online-based contact processes, you can automate their retrieval with iPresso. For instance, if you have a potential customer who starts filling in the contact form but never sends it, you can reach out to them and encourage them to finish the process. It works the same way with abandoned carts in online stores.

Take a look at how such a retrieval process can be designed in our platform’s dashboard:

Personalized content

Now, imagine this scenario – you run an online store, and there are hundreds of customers visiting your website every month. Every one of those customers is greeted by their first name (e.g., “Hello, Monica! Enjoy shopping with us!”), and they see different versions of your website tailored to their profile and interests. So, Monica sees new summer skirts and Mark – trending sneakers. It’s a good way to close more deals, improve UX, and build loyalty among your customers.

And this is where we step in. iPresso allows you to automate and personalize what kind of content is displayed on your website. This can refer to the body of your marketing campaigns and your website itself. Let’s use another example, suppose you run an online learning company. What would you say to display your psychology studies offer to people who are interested in this field of study? That’s what our personalized content enables!


We know you’re probably not a huge fan of those, but the truth is pop-ups can be quite effective when they are creative and not too intrusive. Exit pop-ups are sometimes a good idea if you want to leave your prospects with one final message. Your exit pop-up could say something like this:

“We’re sorry to see you leave 🙁 We have this 10% discount coupon for you in case you want to pop in again!”

The majority of customers will be actually happy with this initiative, right? It’s all a matter of a proper approach to the subject. And yes, this is something we can help you with as well. iPresso comes with a pop-up feature that allows you to easily design captivating pop-ups and decide when they should be displayed (or under what conditions).

Wrapping up

Inbound marketing can be a vital addition to your marketing strategy. Well-designed content and creative messaging on your website can help you get more business and keep your current customers satisfied and engaged. And what’s even better – you retain full control over this form of marketing, you’re in charge, and you decide what’s being displayed, when, and to whom.

However, inbound marketing is not all you can do with our platform. Explore the features section on our website, and see what we can help you with. Perhaps you will come up with some new ideas on how to benefit from inbound marketing in your company. And when you do, the next step is to start with a free trial period.

We hope to see you soon!

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