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Why real time marketing is so important

How to automate real-time marketing?

Real-time marketing (RTM) is probably one of the most challenging marketing techniques ever. It requires good preparation and careful observation of what’s going on in your sector or the whole market. The good news is, though, that you can automate many aspects of this part of your marketing strategy. And today, we want to show you how.

How to improve CTR

What is CTR and how to improve click-through rate?

Online advertising is all about...clicks. A click means that a potential customer, upon seeing an ad creative, became interested enough to move on. A click is an increase in website traffic, brand awareness and a chance to improve sales results. CTR measures the effectiveness of your campaigns. Let's see how click-through rate is calculated and how to get a satisfactory CTR.

How can you automate performance marketing

How can you automate performance marketing?

Here at iPresso, we value performance marketing a lot! With this strategy, you can grow and scale your business – quickly and effectively. With performance marketing, you can reach new customers, mostly ones that are vitally interested in your services or products. And our platform is ready to help you with this area of your business. Let’s have a look at how iPresso help you make the most of performance marketing, specifically – Google Ads, WhatsApp, and push notifications.

What is CTA and how can it help in your marketing

What is a CTA?

Any (reasonable) marketer will agree that CTA is of great importance. It's one of the best tools for generating leads, or, in effect, growing your business. However, it still happens that the placement of a CTA is forgotten. Let's talk about how to write a catchy CTA and increase the effectiveness of ads.

Marketing Automation for marketing agencies

Marketing Automation for marketing agencies: how to support your clients.

Marketing agencies support their clients in many aspects of digital marketing – from PR to social media management and performance marketing. It’s no mystery that in many cases and services provided for those clients, marketing automation can be extremely helpful. That’s why we decided to gather all the crucial features available within our platform and show you how to use them to help your clients.