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Get All The Data You Need With iPresso’s Data Collector

Get All The Data You Need With iPresso’s Data Collector

Data Collector is an iPresso’s advanced feature that allows marketers to gather data on various kinds of activities performed by visitors on their websites, such as clicking a specific button, moving a slider, or filling out a contact form field.

This mechanism allows you to collect data on specific contact activities, update their attributes which are recorded in the system, or add new contacts to your database. Importantly, the use of Data Collector is very easy and intuitive, so you don’t need to engage the IT team. All you need to do is to install iPresso’s tracking code on your website and configure relevant settings in the system.

You can use Data Collector to gather information on different activities (you may choose whether you want to know about those performed by all contacts, or only monitored or anonymous contacts) on the website. Such interactions will include, for example, clicking a specific button on the page, moving the slider, filling in a field in a contact form form, or saving the form. The system may also record information about the time spent on the website by a contact.

An example of the practical application of this solution may consist in gathering information on a contact’s successive steps in the process of filling in a form on an insurance company’s website. The transition through each of the steps, confirmed by clicking the Next button, will be recorded as an activity in the system. Thanks to the use of parameters of such activities, the system will collect information about the type of insurance, its scope and value, and all the other kinds of data provided by the contact.

The collection of such precise data allows the insurance company to carry out tailored marketing activities with the use of such channels as, for example, Actions on websites (pop-ups). Wit this solution, a specific person who is interested in a particular type of insurance may be shown perfectly adjusted content, for example when he or she re-enters the website.

Marketing activities can also be carried out through advanced marketing automation scenarios and in such channels as e-mail or SMS (provided that the recipient expresses their consent). The more data a potential customer leaves, the more accurately the message can be tailored to meet their expectations (e.g. by sending a discount for car insurance).

One of the crucial advantages of this solution is the ability to manage data on contact activities without the need to integrate any elements of the website (e.g. contact forms) with iPresso. Thanks to this, marketing activities can be carried out even faster and more effectively.

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