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As a PrestaShop partner, iPresso has prepared a special integration module

As a PrestaShop partner, iPresso has prepared a special integration module

iPresso Marketing Automation became an official partner, of one of the biggest platform for e-commerce: PrestaShop. Through this partnership, a new, free module has been created. It allows to integrate your online shop with iPresso.

Thanks to the integration, owners of e-shops which works on PrestaShop gain instant access to Marketing Automation Platform (iPresso) and all its features.

“Many times owners and marketers working at online shops asked us about a reliable and quality proven tool for Marketing Automation. One of the most important things for them was integration. We are focusing our actions at Europe, so It was natural to look for partnership with the biggest platform on the continent for on-line shops, which is PrestaShop” – Michał Wojciechowski, CEO iPresso

What a new module means for shops

Mainly fast, non-problematic and automated integration of the shop with iPresso system. Thanks to this integration, owners don’t have to invest in additional programming of their shop’s code. All you have to do is to click install [link]

After that, shop’s every marketing process gains a new level, thanks to access to advance automation tools, that will help to get better conversion, sales and more clients.

After installation, what iPresso’s module can do?

  • Synchronize contacts between systems
  • Start to monitor and gather actions performed by contacts during their visits to website
  • Various on-site actions (for example, pop-ups)
  • Gathering data about shopping carts/baskets
  • Synchronization of orders
  • Allowing configuration of Marketing Automation based actions

So what can you do with it?

  • Start to automate your daily processes (using scenarios for example)
  • Save abandoned carts
  • Communicate with your clients/contacts/recipients through various communication channels
  • Automate vouchers, promotional tickets and more
  • Minimize the reaction time for most actions perform by users on your site

Where you can find a new module

You will find iPresso module on PrestaShop marketplace: https://addons.prestashop.com/pl/newsletter-sms/52113-ipresso-marketing-automation.html

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