Three business areas you should automate

Automation can refer to many activities, but you should consider three crucial ones in your company. If you’re considering implementing marketing automation in your business, concentrate on email marketing, recruiting, and data management.

According to Steve Gickling, the CTO of Calendar, email marketing personalization can increase engagement, conversions, and acquisition rates. Here, integration with CRM tools is of paramount importance. You can set them up so that emails are sent to specific audience segments based on their behaviors and other parameters.

Recruiting automation comes in handy concerning communication with candidates, especially when it comes to sending confirmations, interview requests, and follow-up messages. You save time, and your candidates don’t feel neglected.

And what about data management? Automated DM solutions can help you verify databases across all relevant applications and make necessary updates – automatically. Thanks to DM automation, every team in your company gets access to the same updated information.
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