Marketing automation with Google Ads - best way to win

When it comes to pay-per-click advertising (e.g., Google Ads), your success depends on three crucial elements: who sees your ads, how attractive your ads are, and how good is the landing page that your ads lead to. iPresso can help you with at least two of those elements. And in this post, we want to show you how.

Google Ads integration is a relatively new feature on our platform, but it surely was anticipated by many users! That’s because Google Ads is one of the most important PPC channels ever. Google is an obvious first choice when it comes to looking for services and products. People “consult” Google even before asking friends and family.

No wonder there are over 8.5 billion searches on Google every day.

For advertisers, it’s a huge opportunity to grow sales. With Google Ads, you can showcase your offer to people who are specifically looking for your services exactly when they are looking for them. However, that’s just one element of your future PPC success. After all, there are many other advertisers who are competing with you to win Google users’ attention.

So, to succeed with Google Ads, you need more.

How to succeed with Google Ads – the role of personalization

For the sake of this article, we will put all the technical issues aside. It is obvious you must know how to set up a Google Ads account, how to track conversions, and how to optimize your ads. But to succeed on Google Ads (and in any other PPC channel), you need to consider the big picture of your campaign, website, and offer.

Who sees your ads

This part is very important. After all, you don’t want to show your offer to people who won’t buy from you, right? Let’s use a simple example – we have a psychologist who wants to promote their business using Google Ads. They use keywords such as “stress” and “depression”. However, our psychologist has to be mindful here. The same terms can be used by psychology students looking for additional knowledge. Therefore, it would be a good idea to exclude the student group from the future target audience (yes, that’s something you can do with Google Ads).
But targeting the right people can go even further, thanks to iPresso. You see, our platform enables you to manage and analyze your entire target audience. You know who interacts with your business and places orders. Perhaps you even have several customer segments. Use them and send them to Google Ads to create personalized audience groups for your ads. This way, you are sure to display your ads to people who are likely to become your customers.


Knowing your audience also enables you to create more personalized ads. Suppose your company has four major customer segments. You can create four separate ad groups intended specifically for a given customer segment. This way, you can narrow down your message and focus strictly on what resonates with this particular segment. In other words, you’re not wasting time and marketing budget on headlines and descriptions that don’t refer to this particular group’s needs and interests.

That’s one of your recipes to succeed on Google. Personalized ads are ALWAYS more effective than general ones (created for unknown audiences).

But there are also two more elements you need to consider when thinking about Google Ads and your marketing activities.

How attractive your ads are

Ads are not equal; some are good and focused on the customer, and some are bad and focused on the company. Take a good look at your ad copy. Do your ads encourage people to take the next step and order something from you? Are you speaking in the language of benefits (REAL benefits)? Do you have clear CTAs in your ads?

All these elements affect the way people look at your ads. If that’s something you’re struggling with, find a Google Ads consultant or at least a PPC copywriter who will help you tweak your ads so that they are more attractive to potential customers.

And lastly, make sure to use at least the majority of the features Google offers. Even if you’re running just standard search ads, you can still include photos in your ads, links to different sections of your website, and even pricing information. It all has to be well-thought-out, but in general, you should make the most of the tools Google provides you with.

The quality of your landing page and your offer

The last element can sometimes be the reason why your ads aren’t performing the way you expect. You see, ads are no lonely islands; their only purpose is to lead your potential customers to your website. It’s what they see on this website that matters. Your ads can be terrific and customer segmentation flawless, but if your website is poorly-designed, your prices are very high, and your offer is not clear, don’t expect many people to reach out.

Be in doubt, Google Ads is no magic wand, you still need a good website and a good offer to benefit fully from this marketing channel. And again, if that’s something you’re having problems with, find a web design company or a UX company and work with them to implement necessary improvements to your website.

Tweak your Google Ads with iPresso

iPresso is an all-in-one marketing automation platform. Our role is to help you make the most of your marketing and save some time along the way. It’s the same story with Google Ads. Our platform enables you to create better ads that are tailored specifically to your customer segments.

With other tools in our portfolio, you can also improve your website and user experience (e.g., by conducting customer surveys to find out what should be improved). With our help, you can create more relevant and effective ads for your company.
Would you like to know more? Perfect; we invite you to start with a free trial.

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