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iPresso’s integration with Smartsupp, live chat platform with visitor recording

Smartsupp is a platform that enables marketers to communicate with visitors on their websites in real-time and record their mouse movements and clicks. The data sent from Smartsupp to iPresso provide ability to perform further marketing actions in relation to visitors.

Smartsupp allows marketers to chat with visitors, record their activities on websites and engage them with auto-messages.

The information about contacts’ activities, such as chats or feedback, are sent directly to iPresso to enrich their profiles and allow marketers to perform real-time actions in relation to them. If a visitor taking part in a chat is not present in iPresso’s database, their profile will be automatically created in the system.

The system will gather information about chats with given contacts to build up their profiles and gain insights on their preferences. If visitors provide feedback related to a chat, such information will also be recorded in the system. All those data may be used to reach out to potential customers with a follow-up.

Michał Pasternak

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