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Automatic Scenarios + Feed Manager + Satellite = new quality in Marketing Automation

Scenarios that are prepared earlier for taking immediate steps when specific actions take place like sending messages are a crucial part of Marketing Automation System from iPresso.

Each scenario could be created as uniquely as needed, regarding specific needs of segments or even individual users. A segmented database allows for better personalization of content that is prepared by keeping in mind preferences, interests, different metrics, and lots of other variables (scenarios can be prepared to keep track of different sets of them and activate at the right time)/

Using another feature of iPresso which is Feed Manager, users can gain much more from each prepared scenario, which gets more detailed and accurate. Customer Journey and Customer Experience of customers only gains additional value through it. For those who left their e-mail, for example, a much better (personalized) content can be prepared, that will be more interesting for them. Thanks to it recipients will have more reasons to became loyal to company/brand and to stay with it for longer.

Those two functions are completed by the Satellite feature, which allows starting specific actions/processes when weather conditions reach specific values.  For instance: during season change, administrators of online shops don’t have to search products that “may” be popular right now. If a specific product feed has been prepared earlier, it can be implemented into the scenario and all of it will be activated when a temperature at a specific region reaches a specific level (which Satellite will register).

Combining only those 3 features user gets an opportunity to create professional, unique and adjusted (for actual needs) campaigns without the need for constant supervision from marketer, administrator or another employee. 

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Leszek Jasiński

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