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iPresso’s Integration Center

iPresso’s Integration Center

MarTech is a sphere that keeps on growing. The amount of accessible tools make a wide spectrum from which every marketer can easily choose something for him/herself to improve daily work and smoothen the road for reaching the company’s goals. 

The main goal of MarTech tools is to make daily marketing processes easier, more manageable, and effective. Through those tools communication with client/recipients or potential buyers gain new level, and conversion from “looker” into a loyal customer is much quicker.

So what is the problem?

The problem is switching from one thing to another. It is very rare to be able to use many features and abilities of many tools through one place/platform. In most cases, the marketer needs to switch between tabs to get what they need. Each of those switches has an impact on the marketer’s concentration and can bounce them off track for longer periods of time. Of course, that is not the main reason behind choosing one marketing tool or another, but if they could be integrated into one panel then that is a huge win.

Marketer gets used to many tools, have their own ways to use them for improving their daily jobs, so it is natural that they don’t always want to resign from using them. But. If there finally comes the situation one person must use many platforms, many tools while working on a single project where something needs to be exported, imported, adjusted, printed, visualized for other members, shared and so on, then there is chaos. A bigger amount of features and functions scattered around between different tools, modules, plugins, will help only in disorganizing work.

Automate it with iPresso

iPresso is a Marketing Automation system that allows automating most of the tasks, to work in the background without the need of constant adjusting from marketers. Actions are activated after specific conditions are made, so gathering data, sending messages, turning on and of scenarios, so they can work without the attention of the marketer. What is really important is: iPresso doesn’t restrict the user to using only inbuilt features. System can be easily integrated with many other MarTefch tools which were used in the past (or are still used by the user). 

iPresso’s Integration Center is a place where users can activate (if that is possible) MarTech tools. Most of them can be integrated, among them are various CRM systems, social media, apps or platforms for managing online shops. 

At Integration Center Dashboard, it is possible to edit and adjust each integrated tool.

Marketing Automation doesn’t have to mean switching to a completely new soft, buying expensive hardware or sending your workers for costly trainings. 

With iPresso you are not switching, you are simply putting higher gear and getting to your goal faster.

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