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Do you really need all those extensions?

Do you really need all those extensions?

In modern marketing managing, various daily processes without the help of add-ons or additional tools are simply impossible. MarTech became a huge world that is growing more and more quickly. It could be clearly seen in recent pandemic years. Today, practically most of the company’s from different industries are using more or fewer add-ons to keep them on their toes and in most cases, we are talking about more or even too much.

More options to choose from

One of the best examples of an industry that is getting a huge boost is e-commerce. Online shops and companies with different profiles today more than ever need to maintain a high level of communication with their client. It is not about the frequency of communication, but its quality which includes: form, personalization, segmentation, keeping in mind different metrics and variables.

This melting pot is boiling more and more violently for every fast-growing company. Let’s be honest. Daily processes are multiplying, and there are not always enough hands on deck. Without technological support, managing everything and keeping consumers happy is time, money, and nerve consuming. 

Simple example. Let’s say that the company has 500 e-mails to send on a daily basis. Each one of them needs to be even partly personalized. If the people responsible for sending them needs to write them from scratch, the share amount would drive their creativity into the ground. And we are talking about 500, what will happen in situations when there is no 500 but 5000? On the other hand, why should anyone write those e-mails from scratch? If you install easy to work with plugin to your web browser which is compatible with the inner company system (PrestaShop in most cases) everything would be done in a matter of few clicks. 

During work, everyone is trying to find the perfect way for doing it. Finding the perfect shortcut and time-saving solution means using a specific tool. Today, those tools are few clicks away. Personalization of e-mails is still a perfect example. If you have access to a system that allows you to track the actions of users (behavioral and others), then you create specific paths that will minimize the decision-making about buying to a minimum. Those paths will be a fundament for marketing scenarios that can be created in the same system and adjusted for preferences of different groups/segments. In addition, scenarios could be “spiced” by additional channels of communication like SMS, social media, and of course e-mails, and all of them would need to be personalized to maximize its positive effect.

When enough is enough?

Good question? If your system is getting more and more add-ons and each one of them is providing one or more “necessary” functions, then rather sooner than the share amount of improvements will create chaos. You won’t be able to use (fully) all the features, and each plugin will add additional interesting options which eventually lay forgotten on the digital shelf. Besides, many plugins require monthly subscriptions, so your costs can skyrocket, and you will pay for things you don’t use. That is not an improvement for the company, but a costly burden. Of course, that doesn’t mean to stop using MarTech tools. Modern marketing requires them for doing more advanced actions. 

Secondly, time and concentration. What about them? Well if you are using many, and we mean many, additional tools to keep up with your marketing work there won’t be any. Why? Chaos again. If the project requires access to different data, statistics to compare, engagement of different channels of communication, and allowing access for different people from the company or beyond it, and on top of that your database keep growing, well things will eventually go sideways. You simply can’t be concentrated all the time, keep tracking the variables and adjust in real-time when necessary. Or maybe you can? Many of the processes are repetitive and require minor changes. Those can be easily automatized, more advanced actions too. For example. 

Let’s say that a small internet shop has 3 employees responsible for maintaining communication with clients. One of them is on vacation. Two that stayed on the post are barely managing because the third one has specific ways to do everything and didn’t share his or her solutions with others. Suddenly one of those two get sick and needs to take a few days off. Now there is only one person responsible for communication, one person, who don’t know how others maintain their share of responsibilities, what kind of MarTech tools they were using, and what kind of shortcuts are the best in the various task (where some of them could be new for the last person). In that case, a lot of plugins won’t improve anything because an employee probably didn’t use most of them anyway. There is no time for experiments and tests because the amount of tasks keeps growing, and then the thought comes up “what If it could be done without me?”. And it can!

Automatization with iPresso

Automatization is one of the most important elements of e-commerce. Its value is finally recognized, and MarTech tools that provide it are more and more looked for. Smaller companies now know that you don’t need to have the resources of big players to effectively use automation tools and improve on many levels through it.

PrestaShop is one of the most used systems for selling through the Internet. iPresso has analyzed needs, preferences, and tools, and came up with solutions that would benefit all, not only e-commerce. We have created a free-to-use module for PrestaShop, that is compatible with our system, so you are getting access to priority MarTech tools. And each of them is in one place! You don’t have to jump from one tab to another and lose your concentration, with this module your screen becomes a real marketing command center for your company. In addition, we left the place to integrate of additional tools. iPresso doesn’t tell what to use, we are adjusting our system for your needs. 

Plugin for iPresso is solving chaos which every shop that is using PrestaShop will probably experience. 

Thanks to iPresso you can:

  • Stop using additional plugins – one free add-on
  • Start using new tools right away
  • Stop selecting, upgrading, and paying subscriptions for different plugins
  • Save time, money, and nerves
  • Give access to other people from your company and engage them in projects much faster and safer. They can see the whole picture not only a part of it
  • Much, much more

Maybe it is time to spread your marketing wings a bit more, without huge costs and quality loss? Sounds interesting, check for details here!

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