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iPresso Satellite – use the weather for your advantage

iPresso Satellite – use the weather for your advantage

Not only, but summer is also a time when various marketing promotions happen with higher frequency. Sometimes during the year, happens an opportunity to quickly gain new customers for products and services. Performing a RTM (Real Time Marketing) actions can become a game-changer for every company. Those actions are performed in regard to various metrics, but one of them has been pushed to the margin for far too long. Now the situation changes. We are talking about the weather. How can it improve your sales, conversions, and profits? Keep reading and find out.

A specific place is a key

Let’s take summer weather. It is hot, humidity is sucking the life out of everybody and suddenly there is a promotion for new AC, or your local shop decided to sell a double portion of ice cream at a price of one, or swimming pool decided to stay open for longer. All of this benefits you as a customer, helps you fight off the heat, have a more enjoyable day, and so on. But you need to know about it. If information about such promotions gets to you while there is raining outside, then well, what is the point? Fluctuations in weather can be used by marketers to drive more customers towards their products/services, and with iPresso’s Satellite feature it is really easy. 

Place is the key. There is no point in promoting umbrella sales in a region where it is cloudy for most of the year. But. If suddenly the sun decides to bring on the heat onto this place, and it happens that you are around and have lots of umbrellas at your disposal, then you are in business. Profit is one thing you would gain, other, and sometimes more important is a realization by your customers that you were ahead of their needs, so you can plan, and you can deliver.

Real Time Marketing is based of fast work. Those who can inform recipients first or early enough wins, when those who are dragging behind are only “repeating” a communication everybody knows by now. Time is the essence here. When it comes to weather, there is no point to engage whole teams of people who will track each and every little fluctuation in different regions of the country, send this data to the marketing department, and keep their fingers crossed that they will manage to think of something (and send it) on time.

With a Satellite feature you can perform RTM actions easier, and more accurately. Satellite allows you to track changing weather conditions above different regions and activate specific scenarios (which are prepared earlier). Each of those can be assigned to a specific path (Customer Journey), a segment of customers, and products. So if it’s raining, a scenario with promotion for umbrellas will activate, if suddenly the sun reaches from behind the clouds, the system will deactivate it, so none of your potential clients receive untrue information.

iPresso Satellite is an option for fast building your contact base through better, targeted promotion and daily communication. This feature with others like Feed Manager for example gives companies a professional multi tool for building, managing, and improving relations with its clients. Don’t wait and use the weather for your advantage.

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