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Product feeds – a special category of values

Product feeds – a special category of values

Product feeds are basically a list of specific options from companies offer selected for promotion, clearance sale, recommendation, and so on. Feeds have a huge impact on every company working in e-commerce. Each of those lists could be used to fulfill the needs of different groups/segments, keeping in mind various metrics and variables. Sounds complicated? Isn’t! This article will show you a bit more about what product feeds as a marketing tool can do. Thanks to one of iPresso’s newest functions “ Feed Manager” you will be able to get more conversions, sales and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

Marketing Automation with feeds

iPresso as a system for automation of marketing processes. It allows its users to create and maintain multichannel communication. Among present features, there are scenarios that can be treated as a game-changer in marketing strategies.  Users can create many variants adjusted for specific preferences, metrics, and even weather conditions. During scenarios, different forms of communication messages are activated without the need for control. Thanks to it, one scenario could work indefinitely and maintain repetitive tasks like sending thank you mails and reminders. Marketers gain more time and can focus on different priorities. 

Marketing Automation (MA) built up many myths and misconceptions during recent years. Automation and personalization aren’t reduced to sending e-mail at a specific hour, on the specific day when the message starts with Hey [here put recipient’s name].

Personalization which iPresso provides is understood as wide as possible. Thanks to many data (behavioral and other kinds) company have the ability to learn more about their clients and potential consumers. To learn more is to understand more, and through it recommend products or services that will fulfill actual needs.

Different people = different offers

If you are an owner of an online shop with for example healthy food, sports articles, or you are promoting valuable content about health then you have a lot of products that need to be fragmented between different segments of “lookers”/buyers. People are and will be looking at different things on your website. If you gather data about past choices of your clients, then you can predict (to a certain degree) what kind of products could be interesting for them in the future, and then recommend it. That is how you are creating a list of products that will find their place in the product feed. This list will then be promoted among certain segments of your database, and thanks to the feed manager you can easily adjust the best way of using it in the future.

Each segment of your database can have a different feed, different scenarios, different personalized messages. Thanks to it, you can easily avoid situations of duplication. Your clients who signed up for receiving newsletter won’t receive communication about promotion on products that they have seen earlier, because they are in different segments of contacts. 

While using feed manager completed by other features of iPresso you can:

  • Use the same feeds in many channels of communication, every channel will have the same information, so the risk of mistake is minimal
  • Create a new level of personalized content that is adjusted even for the very specific needs of your segments
  • Create a new system of recommendation to build up long-term relations and convert occasional clients into loyal ones

Those are just examples of options you can use to maximize the potential of your company in e-commerce (and other industries)

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