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How martech ups your marketing and customer service game

MarTech - iPresso Marketing Automation

Martech is not just a fancy solution for companies with too much money that want to save time. Thanks to martech, you can significantly improve your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts in at least four ways. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Martech comprises many different tools and online platforms that support companies in:

  1. Customer data management: With the death of third-party cookies, you have to improve your efforts considering gathering and analyzing customer data. Many customer data platforms help you with just that. As a result, you can create more in-depth relations with customers and give them what they need.
  2. More effective marketing: Martech is about automation but also about measuring results. When you implement martech tools in your stack, you don’t have to guess what works and what doesn’t. Everything can be measured and analyzed. 
  3. Digital asset management: With martech, you can easily manage, store, and optimize all of your digital assets. And thanks to SEO and AI-based tools, you can create content that fulfills Google requirements.

Personalization: Today, that’s one of the marketing keywords. With personalization, you build long-lasting relations with your customers, sell more products, and improve your company’s UX

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