AI takes over marketing automation

AI changes our world, and marketing automation is no exception. There are three major areas in which marketing automation companies use AI to provide users with better results. What are these areas?


Every decent MA tool comes with analytics features. Our tool offers that as well. Many of these modules use AI or machine learning to provide users with more insightful suggestions and information. Thanks to AI, you know what’s going on with your marketing and how you can improve it.


Today, personalization is more than just addressing customers with their first names. It’s about personalized product suggestions and communication that is tailored to a given person’s interests. AI analyzes interests and behaviors of different customers to show them exactly what might interest them.


In the past months, we’ve seen a boom of AI-based content marketing tools that facilitate creating blog posts and other texts. SEO tools such as Surfer SEO or Contadu use AI as well to help users tailor content to Google requirements.

Do you want to know more about AI in marketing automation?

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